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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
5:38 pm
new home
so i moved to the city. the apartment it great and im pretty happy about it..jeff is prolly moving in with me in a couple weeks or something. not totally sure whats happeneing with that but im excited to have him whenever he does move in. right now tom is my roomate wich is pretty cool. i have an awesome view out my window i dono what else. im obcessed with udon noodles. thats all really.
Sunday, May 14th, 2006
4:27 am
for my own reasons
Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||||| 63%
Stability |||||||||||||||| 66%
Orderliness |||||||||||| 50%
Accommodation |||||| 23%
Interdependence |||||||||||| 50%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||| 70%
Mystical |||||| 30%
Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Religious |||| 16%
Hedonism |||||||||||||||| 63%
Materialism |||||||||||| 43%
Narcissism |||||||||||||| 56%
Adventurousness |||||||||||| 50%
Work ethic |||||||||| 36%
Self absorbed |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Conflict seeking |||||||||||||| 56%
Need to dominate |||||||||||||||| 63%
Romantic |||||||||||| 50%
Avoidant |||||| 30%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||| 56%
Wealth |||||| 30%
Dependency |||||||||| 36%
Change averse |||||||||||| 43%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||| 56%
Individuality |||||||||||||| 56%
Sexuality |||||||||||||||| 70%
Peter pan complex |||||||||| 36%
Physical security |||||||||||||||| 70%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||| 44%
Histrionic |||||||||||| 43%
Paranoia |||||||||||| 43%
Vanity |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||| 50%
Female cliche |||||||||||||||| 63%
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Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
3:58 am
ya win some ya loose some
its to late/early to be awake but i just cant sleep.

i read a whole book today, a rarity for me. it was really amazingly good. Ishmael by daniel quinn. i particularly want john to read it. but mostly everyone. even if you dont believe it its still a good side of the story to hear.

jeffs snoring to loud and its one slap in the face after another than i cant get to sleep but he did already.

i donno maybe ill try again. maybe ill never sleep again for the rest of my life.
Friday, August 26th, 2005
3:58 pm
if i were a (bird ), i'd be (flying everywhere ).

month - april or may..i love the feeling of the cold leaving and the warm comming

day - doesnt matter what day of the week it is...as long as im happy in it

time - sunset or sunrise...again that feeling of something comming and somthing else leaving

planet - earth, its where i live

sea animal - lobster, that might sound mean but its the tastiest

furniture - big comphy bed with lots of blankets and pillows

liquid - water with some of its solid form...its so refreshing

tree - all kinds, as many as possible

stone - the one jeff gave me from the rio grande, or one of the ones i got from the pacific ocean

bird - eagle or hawk, they fly so high

weapon - logic

flower - tiger lilly

weather - sun shine, brease, no humidity

instrument - voice + piano together

animal - frog, or mexican jumping bean worm

color - green its beautiful

emotion - content

sound - typing of keys sounds really neat...kinda relaxing

shoe - flip flops or my new diesels

book - something i can learn from

body part - back

artist - m.c. esher, dahli, me, rachel

shape - a perfect hexagon...its the perfect geometric shape

sin - sex

I worry - my college education will put my family in dept

i think - alot

i know - math works ...everything else is questionable

i want - my nose to stop running

i have - an amazing life (leaving shannons answer here i think its true for me too)

i wish - more people who didnt have a chance got a chance without making someone who had a chance loose
what they earned themselves (because of an arguement jeff and i got into about free vs. fair trade)

i fear - this is alot like i worry

i hear - jeff talking to buttercup on eve me typing and steves music

i search - online

i wonder - what else i will see in my life

i regret - not much really

i love - my friends, family, boyfriend, life

i ache - around my freshly scabbed tatoo

i care - about the people in africa to much for my own good sometimes

i always - crack my nuckles

i am not - gonna become a smoker

i dance - with john the most

i cry - when i dont know what else to do

i do not always - apologise when i should

i fight - for what i think is right (i mean thats kinda obviouse but its true)

i write - in my livejournal rarely but sometimes

i win - I WIN!

i lose - no no YOU LOSE!

i confuse - people

i listen - to my professors and my friends

i need - a doctor to fix the sickness in my nose

i can - draw all day and night long

i am happy - in almost all situations

I feel - for you boy (fiona apple lyrics)
Thursday, August 25th, 2005
3:06 pm
new mexico
i went to new mexico with jeff to visit cheyenne it was fuckin awesome

went to stone frige which was stone henge made out of refrigerators
went camping up in the rockey mountains
went to see cold play
got a tatoo


start school soon
going to see jimmy buffet tomorrow
Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
11:48 pm
march of the penguins
reconor: yo ninja
SagaciousVerdure: yo
reconor: sup
SagaciousVerdure: not much
SagaciousVerdure: sorry if i wasnt around
reconor: it's alright
SagaciousVerdure: i went to the movies with my sister
reconor: i just got home 20 minutes ago
SagaciousVerdure: well that works
reconor: *grin*
reconor: what movie?
SagaciousVerdure: wedint crashers
SagaciousVerdure: wedding
reconor: how was it
SagaciousVerdure: good
SagaciousVerdure: it was funny
SagaciousVerdure: not as great as i expected
SagaciousVerdure: but i think my movie taste has changed over the years
reconor: *nod*
reconor: i wanna go see the march of the penguins movie
reconor: but like
reconor: that's kinda a 'date' movie i'm thinking
reconor: might be a little odd just rolling in alone or w/ like...steve...and seeing that
reconor: haha
SagaciousVerdure: its not really a date movie
SagaciousVerdure: its about best friends
SagaciousVerdure: and its just a comedy
SagaciousVerdure: a little romantic in plot but its not a major part
SagaciousVerdure: i mean i guess so but im a girl so..i donno
reconor: i thought it was more focused on like
reconor: penguins' mating and family and stuff
reconor: i dunno
SagaciousVerdure: i didnt see march of the penguins
SagaciousVerdure: i saw wedding crashers
reconor: oh wait
reconor: i thought you were saying that the march of the penguins was about that
reconor: i was saying that the march of the penguins was a date movie
reconor: not wedding crashers
SagaciousVerdure: when did we even start talking about march of the penguins
reconor: *nod*
reconor: i wanna go see the march of the penguins movie
reconor: but like
reconor: that's kinda a 'date' movie i'm thinking
reconor: might be a little odd just rolling in alone or w/ like...steve...and seeing that
reconor: haha
SagaciousVerdure: its not really a date movie

reconor: that's what i saw on my end
SagaciousVerdure: oh nevermind
SagaciousVerdure: haha i was so confused
reconor: haha
SagaciousVerdure: haha i was like what why did he think wedding crashers was about penguins
reconor: haha aw man
reconor: lol
SagaciousVerdure: Wrathful: omg march of the penguins is not a date movie
SagaciousVerdure: haha
Wrathful: its supposed to be HORRIBLE
Wrathful: and GRIM
SagaciousVerdure: hahaha
SagaciousVerdure: jeffs opinion on the subject
SagaciousVerdure: SagaciousVerdure: horrible and grim
Wrathful: like its supposed to be shocking and terrible
Wrathful: about the penguins dying
Wrathful: and sacraficing themselves for their young
Wrathful: or sometimes not moving when predators snatch one
Wrathful: they just ignore it
Wrathful: or an upset mother trying to steal another baby after hers dies
Wrathful: and the colony drives her away
Wrathful: to die most likely
SagaciousVerdure: he knows way to much about this
reconor: lmao
SagaciousVerdure: hahaha
reconor: is he serious?\
reconor: haha
SagaciousVerdure: yea
reconor: that's awesome
reconor: haha
SagaciousVerdure: aparently he heared a review on NPR today
SagaciousVerdure: hahaha im like laughing out loud at this conversation
SagaciousVerdure: i donno why but its crackin me up
reconor: i'm actually cracking up too i dunno...i find it to be hilarious
reconor: haha
reconor: i heard the review too
SagaciousVerdure: SagaciousVerdure: oh man we should see that
Wrathful: yeah it sounds good
Wrathful: just NOT a date movie
reconor: but from what i heard from the review it was like
reconor: explaining how the penguins mate and like
reconor: when the girl penguins are checking out the dude penguins
reconor: the fattest penguin wins
SagaciousVerdure: did you hear the NPR version
reconor: yea
reconor: i was listening to it on NPR
SagaciousVerdure: no no thats seals
reconor: no way
SagaciousVerdure: i saw that on national geographics
SagaciousVerdure: haha
reconor: totally was a review for march of the penguins
reconor: they need fat man penguins to keep everyone warm
reconor: and they have to walk like 30 minutes to the mating grounds
SagaciousVerdure: sounds like the seals
reconor: seals don't walk
reconor: nor march
SagaciousVerdure: yeah they waddle
reconor: march
SagaciousVerdure: and seal walk
SagaciousVerdure: its the march of the SEALS
SagaciousVerdure: its their style of marching
reconor: i think...
reconor: i haven't had a conversation on my profile in a very long time
reconor: but this'll go on it
reconor: because...it's just a beautiful example of our daily conversations
reconor: haha
reconor: and i dunno, hilarious
reconor: like seinfeld
SagaciousVerdure: hahaha it is
SagaciousVerdure: oh man
SagaciousVerdure: but yeah i want to see march of the penguins to
SagaciousVerdure: but i dont think its a date movie
SagaciousVerdure: i think thats one you see by yourself
reconor: we should go as a 'not date'
reconor: but go anyhow
SagaciousVerdure: psh not date were going as a HOT date
SagaciousVerdure: to the penguins
SagaciousVerdure: hahaha
reconor: haha
reconor: aw man
SagaciousVerdure: im sorry but the idea of going on a hot date to that movie makes me wanna pee my pants
reconor: going to melt their ice caps
SagaciousVerdure: maybe we can do that thursday
reconor: mabbe
SagaciousVerdure: go on a hot date
reconor: \o/
SagaciousVerdure: jeff might kill me though
SagaciousVerdure: i saw so many movies without him lately
SagaciousVerdure: but ya know at least i will have died knowing a little more about penguins
reconor: True
reconor: I mean...
reconor: how much do you really know?
reconor: this movie might like...be that missing bit of information
SagaciousVerdure: not as much as i know about seals
reconor: that you have always been searching for
SagaciousVerdure: and i cant live with that...or die without it
reconor: stuck in this sorta limbo purgatory state
reconor: until you learn what it is that these penguins are marching for
SagaciousVerdure: really its been hard so far
SagaciousVerdure: and when i saw the preview i was like..thank god ive been WAITING SO LONG!!!!
SagaciousVerdure: its like i know my life will be complete after i watch it so ...if jeff doesnt kill me ill probably get hit by a car anyway
reconor: haha
SagaciousVerdure: but i need that feeling of completion
reconor: but upon judgement the powers that be will have nothing on you
SagaciousVerdure: haha seriously though if we die afterward its gonna be weird
reconor: like, God-like entity: "Lana! We see here that you have commited all of these unforgiveable..."

*random man comes and whispers in entities ear*

God-like entity: "What's that you say? She did? She has? Well it seems that you've seen the March of the Penguins...I suppose we can let this one slide."
SagaciousVerdure: haha
SagaciousVerdure: exactly
SagaciousVerdure: haha
SagaciousVerdure: exactly
reconor: all of a sudden I feel like I really do need to see this film
reconor: man
reconor: work tomorrow is going to be crazy
reconor: managers are going to be like *waa awaaa waa&
reconor: john fix things
reconor: waa waa waa
reconor: and i'm going to smack them and tell them to relax and see the penguin movie
reconor: haha
SagaciousVerdure: hahaha seriously
SagaciousVerdure: tomorrow both of us secretly sneek to the movie theater to see it cuz we cant wait any longer

i thought this would fill in the gap for the last few months i havent posted

any questions?

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, May 14th, 2005
8:01 pm
alive..not really kickin
*yawn* i hate when i dont sleep...but i suppose thatll happen.

summers been rockin

i love me n jeffs relationship still

i also love
the beach
putting flowers between my toes
laying in the grass
as well as many other things

got a few jobs...dont know whats goin on with that

fuck livejournal
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
7:56 pm
What are your first and middle names?
Lana Sue

When making a PB+J sandwich (Peanut Butter and Jelly for you lame people who don’t know what a PB+J is) do you put on more Peanut Butter or more Jelly?
tons of both.. grilled with bananas

What’s you favorite Non-American food? (Meaning any foods but those the McDonald’s menu)?
Ethiopian food is hot (not changing jeffs answer)

What do you plan on naming your children?
layla, aiden (for a girl)

Do you like scorpions better or leeches? And Why?
Scorpions. they crush drugs better

What is your favorite kind of music? Describe it:
hip hop, or whatever that other kind of music i listen to is, whatever the fuck i wanna listen to

When you were a child what was your favorite Fairy Tale?
the little mermaid, (she was a red head)

How do you think/learn/memorize? Choose several of the following: Photographic Memory, Visual diagrams, Audile (teacher lecturing), Reading in a textbook, Tactile (you like constructing models and working with your hands), Writing down notes, or You can’t think so you have never learned anything in your life:
visual learner...thinker listener... this question is fuckin stupid

If you were stranded on an island and were only allowed to have an unlimited supply of one item what would it be? Why?
boats or jeffs

Do you like to argue and fight with people or do you like non-aggressive relationships with other people?

Do you Day Dream?

What is a dream that you remember?
the abomonable snowman was chasing me and my mom saved me ( i was five)

Do you consider yourself above-average?
um yes ...at everything

If you had to classify your group of friends how would you describe them?
fuckin crazy

Are you wacky, reserved, crazy, violent, sweet-natured, shy, out-going, charismatic, friendly, pessimistic, optimistic, cynical, funny, bitter, antagonistic, kind, selfish, possessive, perfect, or tragically flawed?
yes i am

If you could change any part of your appearance what would it be? Why? (Note: weight is not an answer. You are beautiful just the way you are.)
im just perfect

Do you go to museums/libraries/and-the-like or do you prefer exercise/activities/sports?
museams big time

What is your favorite perfume/cologne/smell?
That Dolce and Gabana i wear, and axe kilo that jeff wears *sexy*

If you were a character in a classic fairy tale would you be the Knight (rescuer), the Damsel in Distress (helpless victim), the Witch (cruel and cunning), the Dragon (brute), Fairy Godmother (all knowing), Wizard (practical), Squire (loyal friend to the Knight)?
i would probably, if i absolutely had to be, a wizard

What is a children’s book you read as a kid but you still remember and cherish?
the book i fuckin wrote and got published for my little sister, other than that i never read at all..i draw pictures fuck reading

Are you afraid that they might actually be out to get you?
shut up

What is your greatest fear?
failing school probably right now...just cuz i dont want to

Do animals have souls?

What are your pet’s names?
rajah, sandy, pebbles, birds, hamsters, lord only fuckin knows at my house..there not mine

What is the most attractive characteristic in the opposite sex? (that means personality you superficial people):
Intelligence, humor.

What is the most attractive feature in the opposite sex? (now you can be superficial):
face i guess, i really dont fuckin care.

Do you wish you could do something mean or do you actually do it?

If you could make out with any famous/historical/literary/entertainer person who would it be?
um... brad pitt.....ide totally MAKE OUT with him

Which came first the chicken or the egg?
ME! (say in your best 'Shake the crime-stick!' voice)(keeping jeffs answer here too)

What items in your wardrobe best describe you?
my jeans and black v neck shirts i wear every day and have for the past 3 years... i wouldnt know what to wear without them

Do you have unusual hobbies? List:
i stay up six nights a week designing buildings

Do you name inanimate objects or direct anger towards them sometimes?
what the fuck pencil/tape/trace paper/ whatever drafting equiptment!!!!!

What most angers you about yourself?
filling out these fuckin quizes

What one song can always get you up and dancing and/or singing at the top of your lungs?
i dance to fucking sirens, you just cant stop these hips

If you were in a car accident and went into a coma, failing what one test would tell your family to pull the plug? (Example: if you didn’t come to after a cheese burger had be dangled in front of your nose):

Do you have a catch phrase? What is it?
if you aint muslim you aint sheite (?)

What will your tombstone read?
stop standing on me

Do you like your sodas with cubed ice, crushed ice, round ice, half-sphere ice, cylindrical ice or with out ice at all?
cold out of a can

update on my like....my2/3/4 nights of sleep a week has changed to one... and im tired
Monday, February 21st, 2005
11:07 pm
fuckin tired
up all night again...its like a 2-3-4 times a week thing now...it sucks.. ill probably die soon...but hey well see what happens... waiting for a pizza to arive...CANT FUCKING WAIT!!!

talked to john last night it was awesome.. he rocks my socks. i miss my john but maybe ill see him over spring break. he got a haircut and is apparently turning back into awesome john so that rocks... sometimes seemingly shitty changes are the best fucking thing that could ever happen to ya.

so im prolly /maybe/hopefully going to new zealand for next semester. that will rock, but ill miss my friends n stuff. a little

im fuckin drained... architecture is just way to rediculouse. but i like it still.

been a weird week . im gonna go die

Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
5:54 pm
bored in the cad lab
so yeah im not doing anything...waiting for class to start. rach is doin her cad homework. 45 minutes of this boredom left.

pretty much sick of school at this point. i mean its fun being here but theres been so much work this semester that its just rediculous. last night and this morning was fun though. watched garden state with cheyenne rachel marko ryan and markos macedonian friend dafina. then thismorning basicly everyone but dafina was there and we made scrambled eggs and bacon and had a fun breakfast. so it was relaxing and fun.

got to see my jeff all weekend that was nice. <3 him way tons

the eagles lost and that was sad but ...oh well maybe next year

not much else. <3

staying up doing homework tonight!! woohoo
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
8:23 pm
school, love, life
schools going good... god a paper and a project in like every class....ugh...i donno what else.
love has been nice... saw jeff for the first time in a couple weeks thursday it was fun.
lifes been fun... not to much time for it with school and love though

hehe isnt it funny the way we prioritise things

wtf is with the parate on WB right now?
Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
6:20 pm
movin on down
im just posting to get my friends page moving because im sick of seeing the same 10 posts over and over.

im in CAD class and waiting for it to start

rachels stomach hurts

the teacher is setting up

some random kid is using the computer

thats about at exciting as it gets right now

just talked to jeff...hes doing good

blah ok hopefully this post will move down the posts enough that i wont have to see the same first one and i can feel like checking my friends page actually has benefitted me in some way

Current Mood: so fucking excited to be alive
Monday, January 10th, 2005
3:39 pm
just lookin at chey's dali book and gettin myself all psyced for the dali exhibit in a month or so. pretty excited.

chey also has a dollar from iraq with sadam on it...its awesome.

i need to be a dictator someday. so i can have a portrait on a dollar

breaks over

happy to be back

new roomate seams nice hopefully that will all work out

not much else really

love jeff with all my heart still
(funny how i still have a crush on him and get excited about him though weve been together forever)


thats all
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
5:05 am
should prolly start
sleeping more offen

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
2:25 pm
feels so nice
riding that train, high on cocain.... well if you consider updating my livejournal a train.... some do.

happy new years everyone

hanging out at jeffs waiting for him to get out of the shower. dont know whats going on tonight but its started off fun so far.

realised why i didnt get a grade for design...i never handed in my fucking design project. way to go jackass. i hope my teacher lets me hand it is when i get back to school. i donno how i missed that. i gues i did my crit and thought i was done. ... i wasnt oh well well see how that goes.

i really cant do bad in design i need to do good i didnt stay up for a week streight for no reason.

might be going up to pittsburg with rachel to see cheyenne sometime next week that should be fun. go see falling water and all that jazz.

dont really have much else to say

nice to be home. christmas was fun. family from washington state came down and sang folk songs and all that jazz with us this year. its been really nice.

got to see tina, john, jeff, rachel, all the people i like most. and who knows what next week will hold.

i need to go i feel like im flying

<3 <3 <3

Current Mood: impressed
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
12:23 pm
no more pensils no more books
yeha so im at jeffs ive been sleeping since like 7 last night it was 3 pm when i woke up its been awesome 20 hours of sleep YES

i didnt go to dianas party cuz i didnt sleep the night befor an i couldnt even stay awake sober i woulda just passed out if i was drinking. but im sure everyone there thinks i was protesting the party because they think jeff was and i was with him...not sure why they think that yet but whatever.. tis a dramatic world we live in

but yeah sorry i missed the party i was asleap.

but damn that sleep was good ...

excepti couldnt stop thinking about architecture and greek and roman building types. because i was up the night befor studying for that test hahaha jeff said i was talking in my sleep about it

oh architecture school..your always making people crazy!
Sunday, December 19th, 2004
9:46 pm
i need to start posting when i have sleep in me

i think i never do unless i didnt sleep the night befor...its weird

point is i love jeff and i love school and i love my friends

back to doing that and not this
Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
10:07 am
ugh another all nighter...so that gives me like 3 or so hours of sleep in the past couple of days. though i did get a little nap yesterday afternoon...ill prolly take another one of those today...and be up all night again tonight

school is killing me

physicly and mentaly

but my building is showing the insanity that has taken over my brain...i really dont know what came over me

wow im tired

and i want a hug from my jeff :(
Friday, December 3rd, 2004
2:38 am
man i just love being alive

great future plans, good friends, perfect boyfriend, and a loving family

sometimes you just have to stop, smile, and thank random chance when your life is going well.


Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
1:36 am
miss you
wow i ate that pill like it was my birthday.... or something

me n cheyenne just went on the spur of the moment gut feeling and i think it will work out well...<3 awesome!!!!

yey for not having to much work due tomorrow!!!

thankgiving break starts tomorrow and i am so excited. <3 <3 <3 <3 cant wait to see jeff or my family.

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